The impact compass is a quick and easy way to gauge an organization's impact using one's own assessment of its performance on six dimensions.

The impact compass tool helps individuals conceptualize impact and compare the relative potential for impact of different jobs, programs, investments or donations in the context of limited access to impact studies and insider information.

To use the tool, first enter a company or opportunity name and make sure that none of the "zeroing factors" apply. Then, choose values for each of the six dimensions of impact. Use the tooltips for more information on the dimensions. To learn more about how to use this tool, download the Impact Compass white paper.

Company or Opportunity:

Screen for Zeroing Factors

No proven failure      No negative social outcome      No unethical behavior

Six Dimensions of Impact

Value to Society

To what extent does the intended outcome deliver societal value?

How certain are we of the effects of the solution?
Impact Magnitude

How meaningful is the magnitude of the intervention per person/unit?

How much of the affected population can this model address?
Mission Alignment

To what extent is the organization driving toward outcomes? Indicators demonstrating mission alignment include:

- A well-articulated theory of change

- A commitment to impact measurement and reporting

- Structural and capital choices that protect the mission

- Aligned economic and impact models

How does the organization perform in the following three dimensions?

- How does it impact society, including its employees, suppliers, clients, and the communities it operates in?

- How does it impact the natural environment, including the water, air, climate, wilderness habitat, ...?

- Is it governed with transparency and with concern for corruption and the law?

The lowest possible score is 1 and represents a society-positive intervention with limited potential. Most scores will fall between 40 and 64, representing potential in two or three dimensions. Scores higher than 200 signal truly transformational impact. The highest potential score — full marks in all dimensions — is 729.

The results of this tool depend directly on your input and will vary based on the number of assumptions you make. The tool is flexible; it can support anything from a quick, gut-level assessment to a fully researched evaluation. Results depend on your inputs and are not recorded. We are happy to receive feedback.